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Mission Statement 

Kids in Vegetable Farm

Future Royals is an Oakville based youth organization delivering creative and educational programming for children between ages 4-18 across Ontario through drama and theatre. Our drama programs are focused on building essential life skills and creative thinking. Our programs are diverse in nature with an international approach to content. 


We provide in-school programming, after school sessions  and camps throughout the year.  Each child will learn to develop their own voice and will leave being more aware of who they are and the choices that life will present to them as they grow. 

While kids will always be kids, we want to make sure they also learn some great skills along the way that will help them have a smooth transition from childhood to adulthood later on with great success.

Our Content

Our programs explore a range of content and engaging challenges with skilled instructors.


What we cover:

  • Performing Arts

  • Creative Writing

  • Music

  • Athletics 

  • Visual Art

  • Musical Theatre 

Partner With Us

We are dedicated to delivering high quality programs for youth focused organizations and educational institutions. We have worked within areas such as the Peel School Region and our partnership programs are custom to your your needs. 

Email to find out how we can bring Future Royals to you. 

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