Mission Statement 

Kids in Vegetable Farm

Future Royals is a Canadian based social enterprise  delivering creative and educational programming for children between ages 4-18 across Canada. STEAM Education (science, technology, engineering, art and math).  Our programs are focused on building essential life skills and creative thinking. Our programs are diverse in nature with an international approach to content. 


We provide in-school programming, after school sessions  and school break camps throughout the year.  Each child will learn to develop their own voice and will leave being more aware of who they are and the choices that life will present to them as they grow. 

While kids will always be kids, we want to make sure they also learn some great skills along the way that will help them have a smooth transition from childhood to adulthood later on with great success.

Why Us?

Here at Future Royals, we are focused on bringing youth back to their roots.  That place of  natural play and creativity,  it is what leads to stimulating young minds and what encourages  brain growth.

Since the mid 20th-century, the information age  has given us the ability to access knowledge at our fingertips.  As technology continues to advance in our society, the landscape of the workforce presents new challenges.


As old jobs are replaced with new ones, there are two skills that will be of an importance in the future, creativity and critical thinking. These two skills are able to be developed at a young age through activities that allow children to be just that, children. Our children come into our world with abundance of openness and innocence that is important for cultivating new ideas.  

Today our world is welcoming diverse thinking more than ever before. Future Royals wants to be a part of the development for  your child, and give them a head start. 

Our Programs

Our programs provide engaging challenges with skilled and experienced instructors.

For programs like our performing arts stream, youth can expect to have a final performance showcase to share with their friends and family.  

We provide a range of activities for your child, here's a small list of what will be available throughout the year:

  • Performing Arts

  • Creative Writing

  • Filmmaking

  • Poetry

  • Micro Farming

  • Financial Literacy  

  • World Cultures

  • Athletics 

  • Career Building 

  • Visual Art

  • Musical Theatre 

Partner With Us

We are dedicated to delivering high quality programs for youth focused organizations and educational institutions. We have worked within areas such as the Peel School Region and our partnership programs are custom to your your needs. 

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