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Child on Tablet

Future Royals provides online drama camps during the winter break, March break and the summer season. Built to engage with students of all ages. Our online camps consist of playwrighting, drama games, movement and acting of course!  Your child will gain freedom of expression and make new friends.

Campers will develop their creative skills and build their self confidence. Doesn't matter where you are in the world, our camps are welcomed to all youth! 

Camp Requirements:

  • For the safety and well being of your child, we ask that a parent or guardian is home at all times for youth under age 9.  In the event a participant requires technical support, we ask someone is present or nearby to assist.

  • Zoom essentials;

    • Web Camera

    •  Computer, laptop, iPad or tablet

    • Stable internet 

    • A working microphone

  • Enough room space to move around and away from physical hazards.

Virtual Conference

March 14 - March 18


If you are interested in signing up for our online camps and have questions,  please email


Here at Future Royals, we are focused on bringing youth back to their roots.  That place of  natural play and creativity,  it is what leads to stimulating young minds and what encourages  brain growth.

Since the mid 20th-century, the information age  has given us the ability to access knowledge at our fingertips.  As technology continues to advance in our society, the landscape of the workforce presents new challenges.


As old jobs are replaced with new ones, there are two skills that will be of an importance in the future, creativity and critical thinking. These two skills are able to be developed at a young age through activities that allow children to be just that, children. Our children come into our world with abundance of openness and innocence that is important for cultivating new ideas.  

Today our world is welcoming diverse thinking more than ever before. Future Royals wants to be a part of the development for  your child, and give them a head start. 

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