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Our small community is committed to keeping exceptional after school activities accessible to everyone. Please inform us about any unique circumstances.


Your personal information and privacy is important. We are here to make sure every effort is made to ensure all information that is shared by you is retained securely and used only by your consent.

Some of your personal information provided to Future Royals may be collected during our relationship. This information is limited to your name, email address, street, phone numbers and credit card information. This information is collected during the registration by phone or email. Future Royals will not disclose this information to third parties for marketing purposes. Future Royals will use this information for billing purposes, registration confirmations, location changes and provide marketing information for current and future events.  By submitting an application form to Future Royals you give consent to the use of such Personal data for the above purposes. 

Online payments made to Future Royals is processed securely by Paypal. The information you provide is communicated in a strong- encrypted format between Paypal and your bank or credit company. Future Royals does not directly collect, process or store your financial information.​

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